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A question we are regularly asked from potential clients, is “Where do I start when building a custom designed home?”

What is the aim of building your home?

The first thing to think about is what are you aiming to achieve by building or renovating your home. Are you building your dream property, a stepping stone to bigger things or is it simply to rent/sell?
Here are some typical situations our clients are in:
  • First Home Buyer – A budget is in place, may need room for a small or growing family
  • Dream Family Home – Have owned or rented in the past and now plan to construct their own piece of paradise
  • Small Renovation – to create some extra space or make new of old
  • Large Renovation or Demolition – Love the location and land, and a complete renovation or knock down is achievable
  • Developers & Investors – Duplex or Unit developments or a simple Spec home to create some personal or trust assets
Quine Building have worked with all of the above groups, each having their own story and desired outcome when planning a build or home purchase. We are extremely proud of our post-build relationships with previous clients and properties built to date.  We offer the complete building package from land purchase and design through to construction and landscaping at completion.

Think about your new home’s location

The next question to think about is location. A very important question!

  • Do you want to live close to town, on the waters edge or perhaps on an acreage?
  • Is a renovation or demolition in a great location an option?
With the building boom has come an uprising of new housing estates. Generally smaller land sizes and streets to accommodate the demand for housing and land close to town centres & facilities. This is a great option as all services are underground and up to date, generally parks and paths are scattered about the precinct. You have clean slate to plan your build.
Purchasing an existing home or property is also extremely common, if only just to live in a desired location or if a larger building block is needed for your plans.

What’s next?

When these important questions are answered, the next step is to purchase the property or land and engage a Builder & Designer to make the end result a reality.
Whatever stage you are at, get in touch with us at Quine Building to discuss how we can help.